We are branding partners to our clients. This belief aligns with the Marked Up conviction that great design cannot happen without passion, intelligence and personal commitment.

Marked Up puts innovation-driven companies on the fast track to success. Our design-forward approach is focused on uncovering problems and finding solutions. We believe the soul of any brand is only as strong as the team’s values; working with ambitious partners that have the vision to impact markets.  Marked Up goes the extra mile to assist in building financially literate brands that stand out.

Our mission is simple – consistently deliver service that matters and makes a difference.


Creative Director, Brand Strategist

Sean is a Creative Director and Brand Strategist fascinated by design, problem-solving and focusing on overseeing the intersection of strategy and design in all client work.


Coming from a background of freelance Sean adapted strategic frame-work helping to build stronger brands with a solid foundation, with over a decade of experience in brand development, Sean had amassed a rich and diverse body of work. As a brand designer, he’s helped create engaging brand visuals for brands like MTV, Viacom, Heineken, Quantic Gaming and others.